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Our mission

Leadmotion's mission is simple, to help lead-based companies optimize the value and increase the revenue generated per lead.


About us

With over half a century of combined experience in the digital marketing industry, we’ve turned our sites on helping other companies optimize and increase their revenue per lead. Our team, based in Seattle has worked hard to create a 100% managed solution that delivers high impact email campaigns for lead marketers that convert higher than most in-house marketing teams, yielding consistent incremental revenue for our partners.



Lead marketers - Leadmotion was built for you! Our years of experience in digital marketing opened our eyes to the needs of growing lead-based companies: lead marketers need tools and services that can efficiently help them scale as they mature. That’s why we created Leadmotion, as a managed email service to help optimize lead value and dramatically expand revenue per generated lead.  With over 300 million unique email users under management, we understand what it takes to deliver and manage high-performance campaigns that drive results at scale. 


We provide fully managed email services to lead marketers who drive high intent traffic to owned and operated sites.  We only work with partners who generate 1st party data that’s verified via 3rd party verification partners.  A smart goals and metrics tracking system combined with data segmentation and A/B testing ensures optimal ROI on all lead data.  24/7 real-time access to reporting and campaign metrics allow our partners to track lead data performance while focusing on the core business.  


Becoming a Leadmotion partner means: 


  • You’ll be working with a 100%, fully managed email service provider

  • You no longer need to understand and manage complex email systems.

  • You’ll be fully compliant, no need worry about changes in compliance within the industry. 

  • You’ll have access to a robust reporting system that lets you track performance 

  • Your lead data value will be optimized via dynamic campaign A/B & multi-variate testing

  • Setting up and sending lead data to us in real-time is easy via API, FTP, SOAP, POST, GET, etc. 

  • We maintain your brand's integrity at all times. 

  • We will squeeze every drop of value out of each and every lead, ensuring optimal RPL’s. 

  • You maintain complete control - your data, your decisions.

  • You get a dedicated account manager.   

  • You receive 24/7 customer and technical support. 

  • You will benefit from 99.99% uptime, always on.



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Our pricing structure is simple, we only get paid when we make you money!  Leadmotion is 100% performance-based.  Our pricing model is inline with our belief that our technology and expertise are the key differentiators in the success of our lead marketing partners.  Our risk is your reward.  

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